RoboMaster Robotics Competition focuses on the comprehensive application and engineering practice ability of the participating members in science and engineering disciplines, fully integrating many robot related technical disciplines such as "machine vision", "embedded system design", "mechanical control", "inertial navigation", "human-computer interaction", etc. At the same time, the innovative combination of e-sports presentation and robotic competition makes the robot confrontation more intuitive and intense, attracting the attention and participation of many technology enthusiasts and the public.

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About Us

MAC RoboMaster is a team of highly motivated and passionate students from the McMaster University located in Ontario, Canada. We participate in the yearly RoboMaster Robotics Competition where we compete against universities all over the world. Each season, the team is tasked with developing a group of RC and autonomous battle robots from the ground up. This multidisciplinary project is no small task, but we love what we do and are committed to learning and developing as future professionals. We come from many faculties within engineering as well as business, and strive for excellence every day.

Computer Vision

Vision and brain of robots, object detection and decision making powered by AI.

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Mechanical Design

Implement frame design on robot to improve the strength and stability.

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Embedded System

Optimize on hardware system and provide better efficiency.

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Unique control algorithm design for better strategy.

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